We take data protection seriously.  Very seriously.

Disaster can strike at any moment, often from unexpected sources.  If your server was struck by a meteorite tomorrow, would you be able to recover?  Statistics show that only 7% of business that suffer catastrophic data loss ever recover.

Unfortunately there are many disasters waiting to strike.  A broken pipe that floods the lunch room and leaks down to your computer room, a fire, electrical storms, not to mention that over time 100% of computer hardware fails!

Livetechsupport Disaster Recovery

Livetech’s disaster recovery offering comprises of a flexible, cost-effective solution that combines secure, offsite storage with local replication that not only protects your data, but can get you back up and running again in minutes, not hours.

  • Advanced Disk Image Backups: Backup your entire server, as is, useful for restoring to similar hardware in event of hardware failure.
  • Extensive support: Vmware or Hyper-V can provide you with a “Standby” server, that has been syncronized with your live server, awaiting the day you need it.
  • Flexible scheduling: We can perform backups once per day or once per hour, whatever you needs are we have a solution for you..
  • Instant restores: Should your server decide it needs to take a day off, we can spin up your Standby server so fast, your employees might not even know there was an issue..
  • Backup verification: Allows Integrity checks on backups in your own virtual lab any time you want and eliminates the fear of corrupted backups.
  • Replication: Livetechsupport’s Backup and Disaster Recovery plan includes replicating your servers and important data to either the cloud or to another location you specify.

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