Frequently Asked Questions;


1. What is remote desktop support?  Remote desktop support allows the technician to see your screen as if it was his. Instead of asking you to click this or that, the technician is able to perform all the steps required to get your computer up and running again.

2. How long will it take to fix my computer?  This process usually takes 30-60 minutes depending on a few factors. These factors include internet speed, computer speed, how ‘damaged’ your computer is. If we require several reboots to fix your issues it will obviously take longer

3. How much does it cost?  Generally our services cost about 49.99 per session. If it’s going to cost more we will let you know within the first couple of minutes, at which point you will be given a quote, or an option for a refund.

4. How secure is this?  The software we use to connect to your desktop is very secure using 128-bit encryption.

5. How can help me or my business?  We can troubleshoot and solve alot of problems through our remote desktop software, these include but are not limited to;

  •  Remove viruses
  •  Stop pop-ups, remove adware/spyware and install/configure anti-spyware software
  • Troubleshoot home or office networks
  • Fix email and software problems
  • Fix printer, scanner, digital camera, scanner or mp3 player
  • Tune up your pc, making it run faster
  • Perform standard maintenance, Windows updates/patches
  • Install, configure and train on new software and hardware
  • Assist in data back-up processes, transferring data from one PC to another
  • Set up secure wireless networks
  • Assess you network security and make suggestions on how to harden your security
  • Add/remove network users on a variety of platforms.

6 . Why is remote computer support better than more traditional support options?  Well, basically you don’t need to struggle through the procedures only to have the technician tell you to re-format your machine(that’s their answer for everything!). Also by not having to take your computer down and bring it into a shop it saves you time and money.

7. Is it hard to setup an appointment?  Not at all! Just contact us with your choice of package and let us take care of the rest. We will still need you to watch what we do to make sure you can reconnect incase we need to restart your computer.

8. Do you charge to assess my computer?  Yes, but the more descriptive you were about the issues the better we  can help! 9. What happens if the problems come back?  We are committed to your satisfaction, but sometimes spyware will come back. If this happens we will setup another session and resolve this issue. We will also try to inform you what caused the problem and what you can do to protect yourself from re-infection in the future.

10. You were so good at solving my problem I’d like you to come onsite, can this be arranged?  Yes we can, let us know what you want and where you are, and perhaps we can arrange an onsite visit.

11. Do you support Apple Macintosh?  Yes we do!!!

12. Can you support older computers?  Typically when a computer is more then 4 or 5 years old things get difficult. We can still fix most issues, but sometimes it’s not worth it to struggle through hours of troubleshooting for system that’s over 5 years old.

13. Can you provide remote support through a dial-up connection?  We can, but the time required to fix your issue will take longer, therefore could potentially cost more.